What the heck is this?

Freektopia is the upswing of the Universe but at the same time the black hole in town, my loves. Let me put it in a way that’ll give you a better idea. Freektopia is that perfect place where a freak is set free.
Exposed to some forms of the art, this Freek team design pieces for all of those who want to express themselves, or simply want to support the Freek community based on the struggle for human rights, Join us to keep growing and bringing unity to this colorful monster!


Two girls with one heart, just like the Siamese sisters in this freak show, two lesbian graphic designers came together to create a great story. Oh! you little dirty mind, not that kind of story! This story is one where they dream a better and free world, birthing some ideas into real shapes they want to share with  you about how easy and fun can be to love in a different but amazing way, the gay way.

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