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Andrea Urock | 02.28.2016 | Welcome, Freektopia |

Mi, mi, mi… umm, umm, Ok. This begins in 8, 5, 3, 2, 1, 1…Perfect, now! Put your arms up and scream: Who am I? Who the hell are we really? Did you do it? Come on, louder this time, ready?

All right then, we’ll begin with the same question that has separated the world for decades one time after another. Who are we? Or better yet, what are we? Well, here is the introduction of my new lover and best canvas. Let me share with you this new collaborative project with which I intend to shake the world with a single voice.

Etymology: Freek, intended to be derived from the word freak, or abnormal, also from the medieval English (freke, brave man, or warrior). But, in this case it has been adjusted from the term (Free, freedom.) And topia, is derived from the Greek language (τόπος, place), which could be interpreted to be a zone or space for those who consider themselves to be different, weird, or queer, but above all, a place for those who desperately desire freedom.

Therefore Freektopia ends up being something like the web’s clitoris, the place and moment to talk about bizarre things and twisted realities from ideal activists and varying perspectives, that have yet to be fully accepted in the standardized society, nonetheless acclaimed and enjoyable. We are a group of fanatics and movie lovers but above all we are some of the best worms from the underground scene. This team of Freeks will focus on themes related to LGTBQ+ issues, skepticism and of course atheism, how the evolution of technology influences the mind and body, and who knows, some erotic poetry wouldn’t hurt. Freektopia is born as the initiative for those who want to be awoken and know that fairy tales aren’t present in children’s books, but also in what we believe to be reality.

When we take a look at a term such as freedom, we find that it has become as ambiguous as life itself but it’s as unattainable as the greatest of all chimeras. Now, if we had the define freedom in amore objective way it would be as following: Freedom is a value and a right at the same time, one that allows us to act without inference to be able to express ourselves, think and make any type of decision, to follow our own criteria, which religion to practice and even which sexual orientation we prefer.

As well that we have the freedom to participate in government and political structures that create laws and determine authorities, which in turn decreed who’s free and who isn’t within a judicial system.

A little caustic, right? But that’s how our way of life generally functions, like an uroboro or self-destructive cycle, especially when we think we’re free though we are dominated by our creations like gods, technology, fashion, money and even the measuring of time. Obviously the premise doesn’t end in this simple perspective, as it is within our defense mechanisms to fight against this insatiable loop, that only a few of us believe we can break.

Evidentially there are a lot of ways to assertively contribute to this purpose, but this time we’re contributing through this platform, the same way you and many others use the web on a day-to-day basis. The same one we can define as the set of all information transfers, as the space that moves horizontally without a hierarchy, the web is the means in which we can all express ourselves with what we could consider true freedom. Hence why today this blog is born, created by all of those who consider themselves to be out of orbit, and not precisely because their veins are overflowing with hallucinogens and other substances. But because their thoughts go beyond a bible, or a procedures manual, because like me, and a few others, we considered that there are more valuable voices than those wealthy and powerful ones owners of the popular media. Due to that, I want to introduce my team divided in two different parts, The Freeks from the outside and The Freektopitos from the inside:

The Freeks, the ones with the unsound minds:

Crist Uruburok: Our perceptive and tough graduate with a degree in Spanish, English and French, graphic designer, writer and amateur movie critic.
Rata Uruburok: The one and only, with a passion for poetry, graduate with a degree in Spanish and English; writer and great game designer.
Paula Uruburok: The little and pleasant psychology student, and president of UNITY, the LGTBQ+ group at Canisius College.
Erika Leal: Our Beautiful and curious graphic designer, web and frontend developer.
Andrea Urock: The ambitious but absentminded graphic designer, illustrator and art director.

And the Freektopitos with many whistles:

Franco: the priest that fights against all religious spirit, he will take us to the path of light and atheism.
Eve: the lesbian activist who will bring us pieces from the LGTB underworld and so much more.
The Rabbit: The musician and producer who will tell us what happens beyond the music.
Anthony: Why prefers to be called Any, will tell us everything about the hidden world of cinema.
Imaru: Our sadomasochist, with lots of friends and curiosity, will bring us closer to the some the most unknown fetishes.
Las but not least Alice: Our cyber-girl, hacktivist in charged of all those paradoxes between the real world and the virtual one.

As an infinite succession, or as the search of a nymphomaniac’s libido, Freektopia seeks to increase the rates of interest in knowledge, increase the passion for science and the origin of the universe, to expand the frenzy for everything that one way or another has been labeled as taboo, which has been given to us as protocol disguised as customs. Freektopia searches in all of you, not the Boy Scout who sells cookies door to door, but the one that explores and survives in the wild. We anxiously hope that this blog becomes part of your diet, not just to feed our ego in analytics, but for all of you to take a step forward, think about it, raise your voice and give your opinion without shame. So feel comfortable and join us in each of our themes and articles, make yourselves at home, get to know us, but above everything feel free to see the world as it is. Welcome to Freektopia.

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